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Wood Floor Restoration - Pelham HousePelham House, in the historic town of Lewes, East Sussex dates back to the 15th century. After generations of use as a private house, and more recently as municipal offices, the building has recently been refurbished and transformed into a prestigious hotel where an impressive collection of contemporary art is displayed within an unassuming, but comfortable and stylish setting. When contractor, Strip Wooden Flooring, was first called in to renovate the wooden floors, some were in such poor condition that Strip Wooden Flooring’s owner, Ricky Martin, was told simply to “do his best”. He remembers, “All the wooden floors were in a very bad way – some were even completely covered with old cement screed! ”

Wood Floor Restoration - Pelham HouseHowever, patience and careful sanding eventually revealed sturdy Victorian oak boards throughout most of the building and stunning pine and oak herringbone blocks in the area now used as the bar. As an added bonus, several beautiful marble hearths were also uncovered!

After completing various strengthening works and replacing the most badly damaged sections with reclaimed timber, Ricky recommended the same specification throughout the building to restore the appearance of the surface and protect it from the heavy use expected in a busy hotel environment.

Wood Floor Restoration - Pelham HouseBecause of the condition of the floors, Ricky’s team started the sanding process by using heavy-duty sanding machines fitted with 24 grit abrasives. After working carefully through the abrasive grades, the final smooth finish was achieved by using a 120 grit sanding screen under a buffing machine.

Bona Prime, a one-component waterborne acrylate primer was then applied to every floor to enhance the appearance of the floor and to reduce the risk of sidebonding. Ricky always recommends the use of Bona Traffic to finish wooden floors in commercial areas. “Quite simply, it’s the toughest finish you can get” he says. In its flat matt version, 100% polyurethane Traffic combines excellent durability with an almost invisible finish, similar to that of an oiled floor and ideal for where a very natural look is required.

You can see more photographs of this wood floor restoration project in our Case Studies.

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