Our Wood Flooring Services

Is a sanded floor suitable?

Wooden floors suit most types of room but we do not recommend them in areas that may be subject to a lot of water, such as bathrooms.


Usually the existing floor covering; carpets lino etc, is removed by the client. Uplift and disposal of all carpets etc can be arranged. We do not charge extra to make good all loose timbers and fix proud nails, etc.


Depending on the amount of work required, we use a wide range of sandpapers, starting with the coarsest and finishing with a very fine grade to give your wood the best possible appearance.

Filling of gaps between boards:

We only use the actual sawdust mixed with a bonding agent to keep the colours totally natural. This process is only suitable for gaps of 5mm or less.

Solid Wood Floor:

The original flooring is removed and the new one fixed directly onto the joists. There are many types of wood to choose from including Oak, Maple, Pine, Ash, and Beech.

Overlay Floors:

This is when a wooden floor (or laminate) is laid over your existing floor. It is not fixed to the floor and is thus sometimes called a floating floor. This technique is suitable for concrete sub-floors.


Usually we will use no less than 3 coats and may suggest more depending on the wear and tear that the floor may be subjected to. All our products are water based acrylics which means that they are very low odour, natural in colour, and dry in less than 2 hours. These clear coatings are available in matt, satin or gloss.

Extra Strength Coatings:

For a floor that is going to be subject to excessive wear and tear, we recommend a commercial-strength coating. Clients should take in to consideration any pets that may scratch the floor, water spillages, or heavy items being dragged across the floor.


Sealed wooden floors are very easy to maintain. Minimal sweeping and an occasional dry mop is all that is required. We are happy to discuss maintenance programs should you require.

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