Sanding Wooden Floors

Unless your wooden floors are damaged and need more intensive floor restoration, the first step to renovating a wooden floor is usually sanding. This time-consuming process needs to be done both professionally and with great care.

Strip Wooden Flooring use state of the art machinery and top quality materials to ensure the perfect finish. The first sanding is done using a coarse grit sandpaper to remove any tarnished finishes or wear and tear. The coarseness of the sanding disc will depend on the extent of degradation to the floor. For example, some of the floors in Pelham House were covered in old concrete screed, so we used heavy-duty sanders fitted with 24 grit sanding discs.

The process continues by using ever-finer sanding discs until the wood flooring is sufficiently restored to finish with a fine sanding screen and a buffing machine.
Careful attention must be paid to edges and details at this stage as any imperfections will show up after staining and sealing.

Once the sanding stages have been completed, the natural beauty of the wood flooring is evident and extremely rewarding. So much so, that for any people preserving the natural colour of the wood is all that is needed to finish the job. Strip Wooden Flooring use the top quality Blanchon range of sealants that do just that. These water based treatments dry quickly, leave no odour, are very hard wearing, and come in a range of finishes (from silk matt to high gloss).



For those that are looking for a change of colour or to create a more contemporary look, we can also apply a selection of wood floor stains prior to finishing.
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